Stacking Plastic Desktop Sorter Set

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Stacking Plastic Desktop Sorter Set-3285

  • Stacking Plastic Desktop Sorter Set
  • This stacking plastic desktop sorter set is a combination desktop organizer for sorting documents and holding office supplies such as pens, pencils, paperclips and sticky notes. It is a versatile organizer that consists of four stacking components that allows the user to separate the supply storage trays from the paper sorting trays for individual use if preferred, or keep them stacked for space-saving storage. Rounded corners are aesthetically pleasing and create a unique design that suits any space. The four-piece set of this organizer includes a large supply storage tray, small supply storage tray and two letter-size paper sorting trays to suit a variety of needs and uses. Great for use in personal workspaces, home offices, hospitality settings, mailrooms or anywhere else organization is needed. The durable plastic construction allows for long-lasting use and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Available in Black or White to suit personal preference or decor.
  • Brand: Safco Products
  • Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
  • Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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