Optional Sofa Leg Base For Benching Cabinets

Color: Gray
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High quality cabinet legs should be able bear any weight appropriately. Our set of four cabinet legs offers premium support to the cabinets in the Benching Cabinets collection. These legs will give users the ability to work more efficiently. By adding these legs, the height of the benching cabinets will increase to 23". The lustrous appearance of the legs will add to the aesthetic appeal of any room. If you are looking for modular office furniture accessories, you will find that these sofa legs are a great way to customize your benching cabinets. The sturdy and sleek design of the legs is integrated with style and stability, so if you want to modify your benching cabinet to increase its height, you will find these legs highly useful.

  • Brand: OfficeSource
  • Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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