Acrylic 48'' Screen

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Having a lot of employees can sometimes mean extra expenses for the workplace, and most of these come in the form of buying new office furniture for all employees. Open floor plans allow for less furniture to be used by more people. Most companies that incorporate this seating style have large tables on their floors, separated by acrylic screens. These screens serve the purpose of both partitioning and providing a good creative flow of work when coordination is required between two people. These acrylic screens from OfficeSource can also be applied as a back support across the desk for people who need to place things at the end of their desks. Acrylic screens are a great way of having a wall, without the permanence of an actual wall. Acrylic screens are the new generation of office furniture and are becoming increasingly popular amongst organizations.

  • Brand: OfficeSource
  • Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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