Space Planning And Design

We Find The Best Solution For You

From filing system colors to the layout of work stations, choice is the key word in furniture selection. Technology today has expanded our options in almost every dimension of life, and while that’s liberating, it can also be overwhelming. At Acorn Office Furniture, we help you sort through the options for the perfect custom office furniture solutions that meet your needs. We’ll recommend the office furniture that might be right for you, and guide you to the manufacturers and brands that best suit your budget.

If you’re working with a designer or architect, we’ll work with them to coordinate your office furnishings with lighting, wall coverings, and flooring systems. We can also recommend our own interior designer if you need more comprehensive professional guidance with your office furniture.

You can customize and coordinate many aspects of your office furniture, including:

Finish and material
Choose furniture and surface finishes in wood, metal, laminate, and fabric.

From leather to vinyl mesh, we offer hundreds of styles and textures. We can even design custom textiles for your furniture, created by third party manufacturers

Not only do we offer each a full palette of colors for each product line, you can mix, match, and even request special color-matching service from many of our manufacturers.

Furniture detail
From the design of drawer handles and hardware, to desk edges and partition styles, you can customize the design details of your office furniture according to your use, comfort, and preference.

We can add custom logos to certain fabrics, install electrical systems, and more; just ask!

Always Follow The Plan

The planning phase is when we finalize your product selections, and place your office furniture in a site specific plan. We also create a preliminary estimate, always working within your budget and time frame to get you the very best solutions.

During office space planning, we rely on as much or as little input as you want to give. Once you have made your preliminary selections of finishes, fabrics, colors, and styles, we produce 2D and 3D drawings so you can visualize your choices . Based on our renderings, we can then revise your colors, details, and more. For larger projects, we can work directly with our manufacturers- Specifications Departments to develop complex floor plans and greater customization.

This hands-on stage is meant to provide our clients with the very best solution for their space and budget.

If you have an interior designer, office manager, or principal who wants to be involved, they become a part of our process with ongoing communication between your firm and ours, according to your comfort level and availability.

Our planning stage includes, depending on your needs:
1. Product Detailing
2. Development of 2D and 3D drawings
3. Visual room and product renderings
4. Visits to manufacturers’ showrooms
5. Swatches of upholstery, laminate, metal finishes and more.
6. Revisions and development of furniture and space concepts.

Office space planning will accommodate simple single office purchases all the way to large multi- site office projects.

How we work

Our process at Acorn Office Furniture is designed to make sure you find the furniture that’s right for you, your business, and your budget. We start by offering all customers a free initial design consultation. One of our staff experts will come to your premises for an in-depth review of your goals and expectations.

Whether you’re redoing existing offices or moving to a different location, we want to know what your priorities are for your office furnishings.

Our salesperson will look at your space, and explore the following issues with you:
1. Your purpose for upgrading, furnishing or re-designing your office
2. Your taste and design preferences
3. The nature of your company’s work
4. The needs of your staff and unique demands of their jobs.
5. You delivery requirements
6. Budgetary considerations

If we’re able to meet at the site you’re furnishing, we do an in-depth walk-through inspection, review your office space, and talk through your options. We’ll have samples and a tablet with us so we can look at products, color, and design options on the spot to get a first-hand sense of what you’re looking for.

After this initial design consultation, we’re ready to measure your office so we can realistically recommend the ideal products.