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Global Medium Back Tilter (4697LM-4)
Global Global Medium Back Tilter (4697LM-4)
Sale price$783.00 Regular price$1,304.00
Global High Back Multi-Tilter (4690LM-3)
Global Global High Back Multi-Tilter (4690LM-3)
Sale price$879.00 Regular price$1,465.00
Global Medium Back Multi-Tilter (4691LM-3)
Global Global Medium Back Multi-Tilter (4691LM-3)
Sale price$829.00 Regular price$1,381.00
Global Armchair, Sled Base (4698LM)
Global Global Armchair, Sled Base (4698LM)
Sale price$733.00 Regular price$1,222.00
Global High Back Tilter (4696LM-4)
Global Global High Back Tilter (4696LM-4)
Sale price$831.00 Regular price$1,385.00
Global SOFTCURVE-High Back Pneumatic Tilter w/loop arms and aluminum base in Black/Black

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